COVID-19 Era & Future International Order

Pre-meeting World Knowledge Forum webinaire le 15 juillet 2020

Webinaire en amont du World Knowldge Forum qui se tiendra à Séoul du 16 au 18 septembre 2020.

Thierry de Montbrial
Françoise Nicolas
Jaemin Lee, Professor of International Law at Seoul National University

Bark Taeho, President of Lee&Ko Global Commerce Institute, former Minister for Trade of Korea

Thème de mon intervention :
The future international order will be shaped by the outcome of the competition between the United States and China, and the way middle powers will position themselves in this competition. The COVID-19 crisis has exacerbated the conflict and is likely to accelerate its evolution. The technological dimension of the competition is a key to the forthcoming changes: geo-economics, more than geopolitics and geo-strategy in the classical sense, should be the focus for anyone who is trying to foresee the international system in the coming decades.

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